Pubs, Bars and Night Club in Swindon, Wiltshire

Swindon, a bustling town in Wiltshire, offers a vibrant and diverse pub, bar, and night club scene that caters to the entertainment needs of locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re in search of a cozy pub to unwind with friends, a trendy bar for a sophisticated night out, or an energetic night club to dance the night away, Swindon has it all.

In this article, we will explore the names, addresses, and reviews of the top pubs, bars, and night clubs in Swindon, as well as uncover some hidden gems for those looking to discover something off the beaten path. Additionally, we will provide tips for a memorable night out in Swindon, highlight upcoming events and special offers, and ultimately showcase the dynamic and lively nightlife that Swindon has to offer.

1.1 Overview of Swindon’s Nightlife

Swindon, Wiltshire may be a quaint town, but don’t let its charming exterior fool you. When the sun goes down, Swindon comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene. From cozy pubs to trendy bars and energetic nightclubs, there’s something for everyone looking to have a good time.

1.2 Importance of Pubs, Bars, and Night Clubs in Swindon

Pubs, bars, and nightclubs play a crucial role in Swindon’s social fabric. They are more than just places to grab a drink; they are the heart and soul of the community, bringing people together to unwind, socialize, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring Swindon’s pub, bar, and nightclub scene is an absolute must.

2. Top Pubs in Swindon: Names, Addresses, and Reviews

2.1 The Old Town Inn

Address: 20 Devizes Road, Old Town, Swindon
The Old Town Inn is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Swindon’s Old Town. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, this traditional pub is the perfect spot to enjoy a pint of local ale or indulge in a hearty pub meal. The friendly staff and cozy interior make it a popular choice among both locals and tourists.

2.2 The Tuppenny

Address: 58-59 Devizes Road, Swindon
If you’re in the mood for something a little different, head over to The Tuppenny. This quirky pub has a unique charm that sets it apart from the rest. With its selection of craft beers, live music, and vintage decor, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine. It’s a must-visit for those looking for a laid-back and alternative pub experience.

2.3 The Kingsdown Inn

Address: Stratton Road, Swindon
For a taste of the countryside, make your way to The Kingsdown Inn. Located just a short drive from Swindon, this traditional English pub offers a picturesque setting with its thatched roof and beautiful gardens. Enjoy a refreshing drink by the fireplace or indulge in their delicious Sunday roast. The Kingsdown Inn is a charming escape from the hustle and bustle of the town.

3. Best Bars for a Night Out in Swindon: Names, Addresses, and Reviews

3.1 The Bank Cocktail Lounge

Address: 20 Wood Street, Swindon
If cocktails are your thing, The Bank Cocktail Lounge will be your paradise. With its expert mixologists and extensive selection of creative concoctions, this bar is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts. The classy yet relaxed ambiance makes it an ideal spot for a night out with friends or a romantic date night.

3.2 The Waiting Room

Address: 12 Fleet Street, Swindon
The Waiting Room is not your typical bar. Hidden away beneath Swindon’s railway station, this underground gem is all about creativity and innovation. From their imaginative cocktail menu to their artistic decor, every detail is designed to transport you to another world. Get ready to be amazed and inspired at The Waiting Room.

3.3 The Weighbridge Brewhouse

Address: Penzance Drive, Swindon
Beer lovers, rejoice! The Weighbridge Brewhouse is the ultimate destination for craft beer enthusiasts. With their on-site microbrewery and a wide range of unique brews, this bar offers a beer-drinking experience like no other. Grab a pint, sit back, and soak in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

4. Unforgettable Night Clubs in Swindon: Names, Addresses, and Reviews

4.1 Level 3

Address: 73 Commercial Road, Swindon
Level 3 is the place to be if you’re in the mood to dance the night away. With its state-of-the-art sound system and energetic atmosphere, this nightclub attracts party-goers from all over. From themed parties to live DJ sets, Level 3 guarantees an unforgettable night filled with music and fun.

4.2 Suju

Address: 28a High Street, Swindon
For those seeking a more upscale nightclub experience, Suju fits the bill perfectly. With its sleek and stylish interior, top-notch DJ lineups, and impressive lighting effects, Suju offers a sophisticated ambiance that will make you feel like you’re in one of London’s trendiest clubs. Get ready to dance, mingle, and party in style.

4.3 The Brunel Rooms

Address: 32-34 Fleet Street, Swindon
The Brunel Rooms has been a staple of Swindon’s nightlife for years. With its spacious dance floors, lively atmosphere, and a mix of music genres, this nightclub has something for everyone. Whether you’re into chart-topping hits or prefer to groove to some old-school classics, The Brunel Rooms is guaranteed to keep you entertained all night long.

5. Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Establishments in Swindon

5.1 The Beehive

Tucked away on a quiet corner of Swindon is The Beehive, a charming pub that feels like a secret hideaway. With its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s the perfect spot for a relaxed night out. The Beehive offers a great selection of beers, spirits, and wines, as well as delicious pub grub to satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss their quiz nights, live music events, and themed parties that add an extra touch of excitement to this hidden gem.

5.2 The Glue Pot

In the heart of Swindon, The Glue Pot is a true hidden gem. With its quirky decor and lively atmosphere, this bar has become a favorite among locals. The Glue Pot boasts an impressive selection of craft beers and ciders, making it a haven for beer enthusiasts. Their knowledgeable staff is always on hand to recommend the perfect pint, ensuring you’ll have a memorable night. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick drink or staying for a few hours, The Glue Pot is sure to leave a lasting impression.

5.3 The Dockle Farmhouse

For those seeking a taste of the countryside in the heart of Swindon, look no further than The Dockle Farmhouse. This rustic pub offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with its exposed beams and traditional decor. The food menu showcases hearty British classics, while the extensive drinks menu includes a wide range of ales, lagers, and spirits. With its spacious garden and occasional live music, The Dockle Farmhouse is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a relaxed evening with friends.

6. Tips for a Memorable Night Out in Swindon


6.1 Dress Code and Entry Policies

When preparing for a night out in Swindon, it’s essential to be aware of each establishment’s dress code and entry policies. Some places may require smart attire, while others have a more relaxed approach. Checking ahead and dressing appropriately will ensure a smooth entrance into your chosen venue.

6.2 Safety and Security Measures

While Swindon is generally a safe place to enjoy a night out, it’s always wise to take precautions. Stick to well-lit areas, stay in groups, and be cautious of your belongings. If you’re planning on walking long distances, consider using a reputable taxi or rideshare service to ensure your safety.

6.3 Exploring Different Neighborhoods

Swindon has a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. Don’t limit yourself to just one area; venture out and explore what each neighborhood has to offer. Whether it’s the bustling Old Town or the vibrant town center, you’re bound to find a variety of pubs, bars, and nightclubs to cater to your taste.

7. Events and Special Offers in Swindon’s Nightlife Scene


7.1 Weekly Live Music Performances

Swindon’s vibrant nightlife scene is often complemented by fantastic live music performances. Many pubs and bars host weekly gigs, showcasing a mix of local talent and popular touring acts. Keep an eye on local event listings to catch your favorite bands or discover new ones.

7.2 Themed Nights and Parties

Swindon knows how to throw a good party, and themed nights are a regular occurrence in the city’s nightlife scene. From 80s throwback parties to fancy dress events, there’s always something fun happening. So dust off your neon leg warmers or dig out your superhero cape and prepare yourself for a night of unforgettable fun.

7.3 Happy Hours and Drink Promotions

If you’re looking to save some pennies while still enjoying a night out, take advantage of Swindon’s happy hours and drink promotions. Many bars and pubs offer discounted prices during specific hours, making it the perfect opportunity to try new cocktails or enjoy your favorite beverages at a fraction of the usual cost. Cheers to that!

8. Conclusion: Swindon’s Vibrant Nightlife and Entertainment Options

Swindon may be a small town, but when it comes to nightlife, it punches well above its weight. From cozy pubs to lively nightclubs, Swindon offers a diverse range of establishments to cater to all tastes. Whether you’re seeking a laid-back evening or a night of dancing, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your cravings. So gather your friends, put on your dancing shoes or grab a pint, and immerse yourself in Swindon’s vibrant nightlife. Cheers to an unforgettable night out!

8. Conclusion: Swindon’s Vibrant Nightlife and Entertainment Options

In conclusion, Swindon boasts a dynamic and diverse pub, bar, and night club scene that is sure to satisfy any nightlife enthusiast. From traditional pubs with a cozy atmosphere to trendy bars serving innovative cocktails, and from energetic night clubs with live music to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Swindon has something for everyone. With this comprehensive list of names, addresses, and reviews, along with helpful tips for a memorable night out, you’re now well-equipped to explore and experience the best of Swindon’s nightlife. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement and entertainment that Swindon has to offer. Cheers to a memorable night out in Swindon!



1. Are the listed pubs, bars, and night clubs suitable for all age groups?

Yes, the listed establishments in Swindon cater to a variety of age groups. While some venues may have age restrictions for entry during specific hours, there are options available for individuals of all ages, including family-friendly pubs and bars that offer non-alcoholic beverage options.

2. Can I find live music performances in Swindon’s night clubs?

Absolutely! Swindon’s night clubs often feature live music performances by local bands and renowned artists. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and themed nights that showcase the vibrant music scene in Swindon.

3. Are there any special offers or promotions available in Swindon’s nightlife establishments?

Yes, many pubs, bars, and night clubs in Swindon offer special promotions and happy hour deals to enhance your experience. From discounted drinks to exclusive offers, make sure to check with the individual establishments or their websites to stay informed about the latest deals and events.

4. Can I expect a variety of cuisine options in the listed pubs and bars?

While the main focus of pubs and bars is typically on drinks and socializing, some establishments in Swindon also offer a range of delicious food options. From classic pub fare to international cuisines, you may find something to satisfy your taste buds along with your thirst for a great night out.