Stonehenge Attractions, Tours and Activities

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Stonehenge Attractions, Tours and Activities

A walk around the Stone Circle is the centrepiece of any visit to the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site. With a history spanning 4,500 years Stonehenge has many different meanings to people today. It is a wonder of the world, a spiritual place and a source of inspiration.

The Stone Circle is a masterpiece of engineering, and building it would have taken huge effort from hundreds of well-organised people using only simple tools and technologies. Visit Stonehenge to find out more about this iconic symbol of Britain.

Stonehenge Attractions, Tours and Activities


Stonehenge Attractions, Tours and Activities

A Stone Circle Experience gives you a unique opportunity to experience up close this world famous monument.

The visits take place outside of our normal general admission opening hours and are subject to very limited availability.

The purpose of Stonehenge is unknown to us. It has no obvious practical purpose. It was not lived in and could not have been defended so there must have been a spiritual reason why Neolithic and Bronze Age people put so much effort into building it. Stonehenge Attractions, Tours and Activities” width=”1440″ height=”612″ /> Stonehenge Attractions, Tours and Activities[/caption]


The Skyscape website has been created by English Heritage to enable people around the world to experience the skies above the iconic stone circle, to learn about movements of the sun, moon and planets and to see the solar alignment at Stonehenge

Aside from the technical and informational aspects of Skyscape it’s also our hope that you’ll enjoy it from a more human perspective. We’ve created a webpage which offers a small escape, a pleasant place to visit, to which you can return frequently, even within a single day, and connect with the land, the stones and the skies above.

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Discover some of the fascinating stories behind the stones that make up the iconic Stone Circle of Stonehenge.


The best way to experience Stonehenge is to visit for yourself. But if you can’t make it here try this virtual tour instead. See a 360′ view of the monument and click on the hotspots to find out more.

There is also an interactive map to see what the landscape around Stonehenge has looked like from before the monument was built to the present day.

Stonehenge and Bath Trip from London


Discover everything from Roman ruins to Royal residences on this full-day tour of Stonehenge, Windsor, and Bath from London. Start with a visit to the 18th-century spa resort of Bath, where the elegant thermal baths date back to Roman times. Then, be awed by the towering 5,000-year-old stone circle of Stonehenge, before brushing up on your Royal history at the extravagant Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s official residences.

Stonehenge Private Car Tour

Benefit from a private full-day Stonehenge tour from London that allows you explore the monument at your own pace. Travel in a luxury vehicle with a driver-guide who takes you on a tour of Stonehenge and its visitor center, exhibitions, and museum. Hear insightful commentary about the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and avoid the crowds at this popular destination with the help of your guide.


See full details of Stonehenge Private Car Tour
Stonehenge Private Immersive Audio Guide


Take a day trip out of London, and discover the prehistoric UNESCO World Heritage Site: Stonehenge. Explore one of the UK’s greatest ancient monuments that rise from Salisbury Plain, with this self-guided tour! Listen to an expert archaeologist and get an in-depth insight into Stonehenge’s history that spans over 10,000 years. Learn about the Neolithic Village, Cursus Barrows, Aubrey Holes and the many rituals and mythical tales that surround the site.
Walkthrough time and unveil the many mysteries this site holds, such as how the stones were originally transported and the mysterious reasons behind building the monument. Experience this iconic key attraction in southern England and get up close to the Ancient Monument at the end of the tour to cap off this cultural adventure in this must-see historic site.